Install Macro Deck 2 on Windows 10

Step 1

Locate the downloaded file and open it.

Step 2

Windows SmartScreen will tell you that it's unsafe to run this application because Macro Deck is not signed with a expensive certificate. Click on "More information" to show more options.

Step 3

Now click on "Run anyway" to proceed.

(Step 4)

If you haven't already installed .NET Desktop Runtime, you will get this error message. Click on "Yes" and continue with step 5. If not, you can proceed with step 6.

(Step 5)

Download and install .NET Desktop Runtime and begin with step 1 again.

Step 6

Follow the Macro Deck Setup Wizard to install Macro Deck to your computer.

Step 7

Once the Macro Deck Setup Wizard is finished, you can close the wizard and continue with step 8.

Step 8

Congratulations, you successfully installed Macro Deck to your computer! Now you'll find a shortcut for Macro Deck on your desktop. Double click it to start Macro Deck.

Continue with the initial setup of Macro Deck