Introducing Macro Deck

Macro Deck is a project which is developed by one person and it can turn your Android smartphone or tablet in a powerful tool to execute macros and shortcuts on your Windows PC, such as start/stop streaming or recording, post a Tweet or just open a application and much more.


  • Themes
  • Use own icons and backgrounds for buttons
  • Connect over WiFi
  • Fully customizable macros
  • Create explorer shortcuts
  • Create multimedia shortcuts
  • Mute/unmute your microphone
  • Create keyboard shortcuts to control other applications (such as OBS Studio, etc.)
  • Create shortcuts to open other applications
  • Use your own icons and labels on the buttons
  • Export the layout to use it on an other computer
  • Create INFINITE folders and change these with a macro
  • Automatic updates
  • Twitter integration
  • Spotify integration

Future features:

  • Twitch integration
  • Let yourself be surprised :)

Macro Deck currently has more than 5520 lines of code!

4295 users are using Macro Deck!


!!!Note: To use Macro Deck Client for Android you also need the Windows Application!!!

Download now!