Open source

The entire Macro Deck project is open source!

GitHub repository
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Completely free

Macro Deck with all of it's features is completely free!


Give your old, perfectly working smartphone or tablet another life instead of throwing it away.

Extend Macro Deck with plugins

Macro Deck can be extended with official and community made plugins.

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Built in package manager

Download and update plugins and icon packs directly in the built in package manager.

Multiple profiles

Create multiple profiles and assign them on different devices for the best experience.


Create unlimited folders and even folders in folders. It's even possible to let Macro Deck automatically change the current folder based on which application is in focus.

Multiple clients

Multiple clients can be connected at once.

Web client

Control Macro Deck with nearly all devices with an web browser that supports JavaScript.

Web client
Logic and global variables

Create complex buttons which do different actions based on variables.


Macro Deck supports animated GIFs and they can also directly be downloaded from GIPHY.