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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I support the development of Macro Deck?

  • Yes, you can donate here

How do I connect via USB?

  • Make sure you have installed the ADB drivers for your Android device
  • Enable USB debugging on your Android device
  • Switch the connection to USB on Macro Deck Server
  • Open the Macro Deck Client app on your Android device
  • Connect your Android device via USB (make sure it's a data cable and not just a charging cable)
  • Macro Deck now should connect automatically after a few seconds

How do I connect to OBS Studio?

  • Open OBS Studio
  • Make sure you have installed the obs-websocket plugin in OBS Studio
  • Set the host and password of obs-websocket in the Macro Deck Server settings
  • Now click on the connect icon in the bottom right corner

Why do Windows say "Windows protected your PC" when I start the installer?

  • Because code-signing certificates are very expensive I don't own one, so I can't sign the Macro Deck Installer/Server and thats why Windows says "Windows protected your PC". You just need to click on "More info" and then "Run anyway".

Macro Deck Server do not start

  • Make sure your anti virus software didn't has blocked the Macro Deck Server.exe during the installation
  • Make sure your anti virus software don't blocks Macro Deck Server.exe
  • Make sure you have installed the latest version of the .NET Framework

My phone can't connect to the Macro Deck Server

  • Your firewall or anti virus software may blocks the connection; Try to add Macro Deck Server.exe to the whitelist
  • Your WiFi on your phone isn't connected to the same network as your PC
  • The selected port is blocked by your firewall or by the router

How do I use Spotify with Macro Deck?

  • Macro Deck Server Version 1.2.6 Beta or newer required
  • Enable Spotify in the settings under "Accounts", then login with your Spotify account
  • Spotify premium is required to use all functions

Why do my anti virus software detects Macro Deck Server as harmful?

  • Because Macro Deck Server has functions which a anti virus software may detects as harmful e.g. the keyboard shortcut. It's just "false positive".

Is Macro Deck collecting any personal data from me?

  • Macro Deck Server: collects no personal data from you.
  • Macro Deck Client: collects no personal data from you.

Support e-mail:

  • Unfortunately I'm too busy to answer emails for now. I ask for understanding.