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Macro Deck Server (Windows)


  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • .NET Framework 4.6.1 or higher

Macro Deck Client (Android)

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  • Android 4.0.3

!!! You need the server AND the client to use Macro Deck !!!


+ Added feature or noticeable improvement
- Bug fix or something removed
* Changed or Information
! Important - Take note!

=== Server Release 1.3.0 (April 10, 2019 | 20:17) ===
+ Macro Deck Server can start Macro Deck Client on the Android device and automatically connect it to the server when connected via USB
+ Macro Deck Server can stop Macro Deck Client on the Android device automatically when connected via usb
+ USB device updater
+ Pre-release versions
+ 3 different actions for the "Play sound"-action (play_stop, play_overlap, play_replay)
+ When changing the background of toggleable action, the toggled background will be the normal background but darker
+ Added backgrounds vor each action category
+ Added crash report system
+ Rewritten main window code
+ Rewritten settings window code
+ Rewritten main code
+ Rewritten settings code
+ Optimized existing code
+ Improved icon resolution
+ Grid size can now be customized
+ Improved performance
+ "Spotify play playlist"-action
+ "Spotify play saved tracks"-action
+ "Spotify save track"-action
- Minor bug fixes
- Bug fix: Crash when used numpad key on the "Hotkey"-action
- Bug fix: Configuration required on "Twitch slow chat"-action
- Bug fix: Configuration required on "Multi hotkey"-action
- Bug fix: Option "Start with Windows" didn't work
- Removed menu button
- Removed option to change the port
- Removed adb client
- Removed buttons to change USB and TCP mode
- Removed status and port label
* Port is now locked to 50000 because of a change in the usb mode
* Server now listens on all ip addresses
* Some ui changes
* deactivated the "Spotify track info"-action due to some issues

=== Server Release 1.2.7 Beta (February 27, 2019 | 02:33) ===
+ Imporoved performance
+ Some changes in the ui
+ Added more animations
+ Added animations to all dialogs
+ "Webrequest"-macro
+ "Open website"-macro
+ "Open folder"-macro
+ "Hotkey"-macro
+ When "Get icon" is now checked in the shortcut settings, Macro Deck Server will now use a high res image
+ Twitch integration
+ "Twitch chat message"-macro
+ "Twitch clear chat"-macro
+ "Twitch play ad"-macro
+ "Twitch toggle slow chat"-macro
- Bug fix: Spotify API lost connection after a while
- Bug fix: Macro Deck Server crash because of high memory usage
- Bug fix: Macro Deck Server crash when changed settings after the first start
- Minor bug fixes
* Macro categories are not longer automatically expanded at start for a better overview

=== Server Release 1.2.6 Beta (February 24, 2019 | 01:12) ===
+ Rounded corners for a nicer look
+ Some changes in the diologs to make the design more consistent
+ Improved performance
+ Spotify integration is finally back and it uses the Spotify Web API now
+ "Spotify volume up"-macro
+ "Spotify volume down"-macro
+ "Spotify next track"-macro
+ "Spotify prev track"-macro
+ "Spotify track info"-macro
- Bug fix: sounds did not play
- Bug fix: window was not focused after start
- Bug fix: open folder was not saved correctly
- Bug fix: open folder was not saved when clicked on "Exit" in the notifyicon context menu
- Bug fix: labels had no line break
- Bug fix: window did not show when clicked on "Show" in the notifyicon context menu
- Minor bug fixes
* Changed the font of the labels

=== Server Release 1.2.5 Beta (February 21, 2019 | 16:31) ===
+ Added shadows
* Some ui changes
- Bug fix on the USB connection
- Bug fix on the "Post tweet"-macro
- Bug fix with translations
!!! Changed the directory where layouts, settings, icons and other user settings are saved - Maybe some data will be lost. Please create a backup of your layout !!!

=== Server Release 1.2.4 Beta (January 13, 2019 | 18:36) ===
+ Files can now be dropped on to a button to create a shortcut

=== Server Release 1.2.3 Beta (January 13, 2019 | 14:59) ===
+ Added option to start a program with parameters
+ Added animations
+ Added "Toggle stream"-Macro (OBS Studio)
+ Added "Toggle recording"-Macro (OBS Studio)
+ Added "Go home"-Macro (Explorer/Browser)
+ Added "Refresh"-Macro (Explorer/Browser)
+ Added "Stop sounds"-Macro (Sounds)
+ Added possibility to set a background if a macro is toggled
+ Macro Deck Server automatically connects to obs-websocket
* Splitted macros into more categories for better overview
- Minor bug fixes
- Bug fix: Crash when a incorrect file was added into custom icons/backgrounds
- Bug fix: Crash when a incorrect path was set to shortcut macro

=== Server Release 1.2.2 Beta (Novemver 17, 2018 | 22:19) ===
- Updater bug fix

=== Server Release 1.2.1 Beta (Novemver 17, 2018 | 21:27) ===
- Bug fix: Macro Deck Server crashed after upgrade from version <= 1.1.7 Beta

=== Server Release 1.2.0 Beta (Novemver 17, 2018 | 21:19) ===
+ Added support for obs-websocket
+ Added USB suppport
+ Added "Lock Windows"-Macro (System)
+ Added "Shutdown Windows"-Macro (System)
+ Added "Set scene"-Macro (OBS Studio)
+ Added "Go live"-Macro (OBS Studio)
+ Added "Go offline"-Macro (OBS Studio)
+ Added "Start recording"-Macro (OBS Studio)
+ Added "Stop recording"-Macro (OBS Studio)
- Minor bug fixes
- Fixed a bug which causes a crash on first start of Macro Deck Server
* Button labels now have shadows
* Many ui changes for a much cleaner look
!!!! Changed the default port to 50000 because obs-websocket default port is already set to 4444 !!!!

=== Server Release 1.1.9 Beta (Novemver 06, 2018 | 19:09) ===
- Minor bug fixes
- Bug fix: multimedia macros didn't work
- Removed Spotify integration because the API was removed by Spotify

=== Server Release 1.1.8 Beta ===
+ Improved performance
- Some smaller bug fixes
- Fixed the Alt key in the keyboard shortcut macro
- Fixed a bug in the shortcut macro which prevented some programs from starting (e.g. OBS Studio)

=== Server Release 1.1.7 Beta ===
+ Added a splash screen
+ Improved performance
+ Open folder will be saved when closing and will be opened again when starting Macro Deck Server again
+ Spotify integration
+ Added "add" and "remove" icons in themes
+ The connection and folder infos can now be hidden
* Added a missing phrase in the german translation
* Some smaller changes in the ui
- Fixed a bug which caused a crash of the tcp-server when spamming buttons
- Fixed a bug in the shortcut macro (the icon was gone after a restart of Macro Deck Server)
- Fixed a bug in importing/resetting the layout
- Fixed a bug which prevented Windows from shutting down when Macro Deck was open

=== Server Release 1.1.6 Beta ===
!!!! IMPORTANT: In this version are lot of changes, maybe you need to reconfigure some buttons !!!!
+ Volume in the "Play sound"-macro can now be set
+ Added custom dialog for changing the button background or icon
+ Automatically icon and background when a macro is selected
+ Button icons and backgrounds are now seperated
+ Themes can be sent to client
+ Themes (Macro Deck-blue, Macro Deck-modern gray)
+ Added option to change the theme
+ Changes in the "About Macro Deck Server" window
+ Macros are now applied when they are selected
+ Icons now loading much faster on the app due to a cache system
+ Double click on a button executes it
+ Context menu for easier editing/deleting buttons
+ Folder system - unlimited folders!
+ Create/rename/delete folders
+ Added "Folder back" macro to go back to the last folder
+ Added "Switch folder" macro
+ German translation of the changelog
- Removed "Profiles" box
- Removed "Set profile" macro
- Removed "Cancel configuration" button
- Removed "Apply selected macro" button
- Trash can removed; buttons can now be deleted over the context menu which opens with a right click on a button
- Removed the button-configurator box for a cleaner look
- Removed the backgrounds of dialoges for a cleaner look
* Container with all macros is now bigger
* Replaced the "Help" window with a link to
* Keyboard shortcuts now work without a manually added delay if Macro Deck Server isn't focused

=== Server Release 1.1.5 Beta ===
+ The color of labels can now be changed
- Fixed a bug in the "Play sound" macro
- Fixed a bug in the "Set profile" macro
* Labels with umlauts will now be sent correctly
* The way buttons are saved was changed but files will automatically be converted

=== Server Release 1.1.4 Beta ===
+ Added spanish language
+ Added option to start Macro Deck Server with Windows
+ Added option to start Macro Deck Server minimized
+ Added option to minimize Macro Deck Server into to tray
+ Added option to minimize Macro Deck Server on close
+ Macro Deck Server is now listed on the installed applications in Windows
+ Added Twitter account settings in the settings
+ Added Twitter integration to post tweets
+ Improved performance
+ Improved speed when importing a layout or switching profile while a device is connected
+ Added macro to play a sound file
+ New installer/updater
+ Added 3 more profiles
* Some small changes in the ui
- Fixed a bug which caused a crash when loading the update notification screen
! Exportet layouts now are saved as .mdl (Macro Deck Layout) files. Old .mdf (Macro Deck File) files can still be importet until Macro Deck Server version 1.1.5 Beta

=== Server Release 1.1.3 Beta ===
+ Added the option to change the language
+ Added german language
+ Buttons are now rounded like in the app
+ Icons now will be compressed for faster transfer
+ Improved transfer speed
+ Improved performance
* Changed config file - old settings will be maintained
* Changed old website links to
- Fixed a bug which deleted the first button if the preview was dropped in the trash can
- Fixed a bug which caused a crash while trying to edit an empty button

=== Server Release 1.1.2 Beta ===
- Fixed a bug which caused a high CPU usage
* Some cleanup in the code

=== Server Release 1.1.1 Beta ===
+ Buttons can be edited and copied now
+ Advanced settings can be edited now
* Some changes in the ui

=== Server Release 1.1.0 Beta
+ Server code complete rewritten
+ Macro profiles
+ Keyboard shortcut macro
+ Set profile macro
+ Create/delete macros by drag&drop
+ Introduced the Macro Deck Installer
+ Added auto updater
+ Macros can now be exported and imported
* Improved performance
! Because of a new storage system all macros before this version are gone

=== Server Release 1.0.2 Alpha
+ Microphone can now be muted
+ IP and port can now be changed
* Some changes in the ui
* Improved performance

=== Server Release 1.0.1 Alpha
- Some bug fixes

=== Server Release 1.0.0 Alpha
* Initial release

Because code certificates are very expensive, Macro Deck is not signed, which means that Windows can not identify the publisher and sees the software as risky. However, this message can be safely ignored on Macro Deck Server as long as the application is downloaded from the official website (

I attach great importance to your safety:

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