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  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • .NET Framework 4.6.1 or higher

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  • Android 4.0.3

!!! You need the server AND the client to use Macro Deck !!!


+ Added feature or noticeable improvement
- Bug fix or something removed
* Changed or Information
! Important - Take note!

=== Server Release 1.2.4 Beta (January 13, 2019 | 18:36) Beta ===
+ Files can now be dropped on to a button to create a shortcut

=== Server Release 1.2.3 Beta (January 13, 2019 | 14:59) ===
+ Added option to start a program with parameters
+ Added animations
+ Added "Toggle stream"-Macro (OBS Studio)
+ Added "Toggle recording"-Macro (OBS Studio)
+ Added "Go home"-Macro (Explorer/Browser)
+ Added "Refresh"-Macro (Explorer/Browser)
+ Added "Stop sounds"-Macro (Sounds)
+ Added possibility to set a background if a macro is toggled
+ Macro Deck Server automatically connects to obs-websocket
* Splitted macros into more categories for better overview
- Minor bug fixes
- Bug fix: Crash when a incorrect file was added into custom icons/backgrounds
- Bug fix: Crash when a incorrect path was set to shortcut macro

=== Server Release 1.2.2 Beta (Novemver 17, 2018 | 22:19) ===
- Updater bug fix

=== Server Release 1.2.1 Beta (Novemver 17, 2018 | 21:27) ===
- Bug fix: Macro Deck Server crashed after upgrade from version <= 1.1.7 Beta

=== Server Release 1.2.0 Beta (Novemver 17, 2018 | 21:19) ===
+ Added support for obs-websocket
+ Added USB suppport
+ Added "Lock Windows"-Macro (System)
+ Added "Shutdown Windows"-Macro (System)
+ Added "Set scene"-Macro (OBS Studio)
+ Added "Go live"-Macro (OBS Studio)
+ Added "Go offline"-Macro (OBS Studio)
+ Added "Start recording"-Macro (OBS Studio)
+ Added "Stop recording"-Macro (OBS Studio)
- Minor bug fixes
- Fixed a bug which causes a crash on first start of Macro Deck Server
* Button labels now have shadows
* Many ui changes for a much cleaner look
!!!! Changed the default port to 50000 because obs-websocket default port is already set to 4444 !!!!

=== Server Release 1.1.9 Beta (Novemver 06, 2018 | 19:09) ===
- Minor bug fixes
- Bug fix: multimedia macros didn't work
- Removed Spotify integration because the API was removed by Spotify

=== Server Release 1.1.8 Beta ===
+ Improved performance
- Some smaller bug fixes
- Fixed the Alt key in the keyboard shortcut macro
- Fixed a bug in the shortcut macro which prevented some programs from starting (e.g. OBS Studio)

=== Server Release 1.1.7 Beta ===
+ Added a splash screen
+ Improved performance
+ Open folder will be saved when closing and will be opened again when starting Macro Deck Server again
+ Spotify integration
+ Added "add" and "remove" icons in themes
+ The connection and folder infos can now be hidden
* Added a missing phrase in the german translation
* Some smaller changes in the ui
- Fixed a bug which caused a crash of the tcp-server when spamming buttons
- Fixed a bug in the shortcut macro (the icon was gone after a restart of Macro Deck Server)
- Fixed a bug in importing/resetting the layout
- Fixed a bug which prevented Windows from shutting down when Macro Deck was open

=== Server Release 1.1.6 Beta ===
!!!! IMPORTANT: In this version are lot of changes, maybe you need to reconfigure some buttons !!!!
+ Volume in the "Play sound"-macro can now be set
+ Added custom dialog for changing the button background or icon
+ Automatically icon and background when a macro is selected
+ Button icons and backgrounds are now seperated
+ Themes can be sent to client
+ Themes (Macro Deck-blue, Macro Deck-modern gray)
+ Added option to change the theme
+ Changes in the "About Macro Deck Server" window
+ Macros are now applied when they are selected
+ Icons now loading much faster on the app due to a cache system
+ Double click on a button executes it
+ Context menu for easier editing/deleting buttons
+ Folder system - unlimited folders!
+ Create/rename/delete folders
+ Added "Folder back" macro to go back to the last folder
+ Added "Switch folder" macro
+ German translation of the changelog
- Removed "Profiles" box
- Removed "Set profile" macro
- Removed "Cancel configuration" button
- Removed "Apply selected macro" button
- Trash can removed; buttons can now be deleted over the context menu which opens with a right click on a button
- Removed the button-configurator box for a cleaner look
- Removed the backgrounds of dialoges for a cleaner look
* Container with all macros is now bigger
* Replaced the "Help" window with a link to
* Keyboard shortcuts now work without a manually added delay if Macro Deck Server isn't focused

=== Server Release 1.1.5 Beta ===
+ The color of labels can now be changed
- Fixed a bug in the "Play sound" macro
- Fixed a bug in the "Set profile" macro
* Labels with umlauts will now be sent correctly
* The way buttons are saved was changed but files will automatically be converted

=== Server Release 1.1.4 Beta ===
+ Added spanish language
+ Added option to start Macro Deck Server with Windows
+ Added option to start Macro Deck Server minimized
+ Added option to minimize Macro Deck Server into to tray
+ Added option to minimize Macro Deck Server on close
+ Macro Deck Server is now listed on the installed applications in Windows
+ Added Twitter account settings in the settings
+ Added Twitter integration to post tweets
+ Improved performance
+ Improved speed when importing a layout or switching profile while a device is connected
+ Added macro to play a sound file
+ New installer/updater
+ Added 3 more profiles
* Some small changes in the ui
- Fixed a bug which caused a crash when loading the update notification screen
! Exportet layouts now are saved as .mdl (Macro Deck Layout) files. Old .mdf (Macro Deck File) files can still be importet until Macro Deck Server version 1.1.5 Beta

=== Server Release 1.1.3 Beta ===
+ Added the option to change the language
+ Added german language
+ Buttons are now rounded like in the app
+ Icons now will be compressed for faster transfer
+ Improved transfer speed
+ Improved performance
* Changed config file - old settings will be maintained
* Changed old website links to
- Fixed a bug which deleted the first button if the preview was dropped in the trash can
- Fixed a bug which caused a crash while trying to edit an empty button

=== Server Release 1.1.2 Beta ===
- Fixed a bug which caused a high CPU usage
* Some cleanup in the code

=== Server Release 1.1.1 Beta ===
+ Buttons can be edited and copied now
+ Advanced settings can be edited now
* Some changes in the ui

=== Server Release 1.1.0 Beta
+ Server code complete rewritten
+ Macro profiles
+ Keyboard shortcut macro
+ Set profile macro
+ Create/delete macros by drag&drop
+ Introduced the Macro Deck Installer
+ Added auto updater
+ Macros can now be exported and imported
* Improved performance
! Because of a new storage system all macros before this version are gone

=== Server Release 1.0.2 Alpha
+ Microphone can now be muted
+ IP and port can now be changed
* Some changes in the ui
* Improved performance

=== Server Release 1.0.1 Alpha
- Some bug fixes

=== Server Release 1.0.0 Alpha
* Initial release

NOTE: Because I currently own no certificate I can't sign the installer which causes a warning from Windows. Just click on "More info" and then "Run anyway". If you don't trust me, you can take a look at the VirusTotal results above.

I attach great importance to your safety:

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