Introducing Macro Deck

With Macro Deck you can turn your Android device in a powerful macro pad. Connect your Android device via WiFi to your PC and control many applications.
Macro Deck is completely customizable. Create infinite folders to organize your macro keys.
Macro Deck is the perfect application for streamers. Start to be more professional with Macro Deck.
Download Macro Deck for free! Macro Deck is completely ad-free!


!!!Note: To use Macro Deck you need the client for your Android device and the server for your Windows PC!!!

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4893 users are using Macro Deck!


  • Themes
  • Use own icons and backgrounds for buttons
  • Connect over WiFi or USB
  • Fully customizable macros
  • Create explorer shortcuts
  • Create multimedia shortcuts
  • Mute/unmute your microphone
  • Create keyboard shortcuts to control other applications (such as OBS Studio, etc.)
  • Create shortcuts to open other applications
  • Use your own icons and labels on the buttons
  • Export the layout to use it on an other computer
  • Create INFINITE folders and change these with a macro
  • Automatic updates
  • Twitter integration
  • obs-websocket integration

Planned features:

  • Twitch integration
  • Let yourself be surprised :)

Features in development:

Development progress:

+++ November 18, 2018 (Working on Version 1.2.3 Beta) +++
- Added a feature to let Macro Deck Server automatically connect to obs-websocket

+++ November 17, 2018 (Working on Version 1.2.0 Beta) +++
- Update 1.2.0 Beta is now out but had some problems, thats why the latest version now is 1.2.2 Beta. Please make sure you update manually because the auto updater of Macro Deck Server of versions under 1.2.2 Beta had problems.

+++ November 14, 2018 (Working on Version 1.2.0 Beta) +++
- Making very good progress with the usb connection

+++ November 13, 2018 (Working on Version 1.2.0 Beta) +++
- Fixed some bugs
- Experimenting with ADB to make it possible to connect Macro Deck via USB
- Reached incredible performance by cleaning up the server code

+++ November 11, 2018 (Working on Version 1.2.0 Beta) +++
- Cleaning up the code
- Implementation of OBS websocket is done
- Improved the speed by pre-caching all buttons

+++ November 10, 2018 (Working on Version 1.2.0 Beta) +++
- The implementation of OBS websocket is almost done
- Improved the labels of buttons

+++ November 09, 2018 (Working on Version 1.2.0 Beta) +++
- I'm changing some elements in the ui to make the Macro Deck Server ui look better

+++ November 08, 2018 (Working on Version 1.2.0 Beta) +++
- I'm working on the integration of OBS websocket in Macro Deck Server. First test were promising!